6 days itinerant hiking in La Gomera

The program

Day 1 : Hermigua Valley & Garajonay National Park

Guided walk

On this first day, you are with a local guide. She provides you with informations on geology, flora and culture in La Gomera. So many keys to help you to understand your environment during your stay. Your guide will be your people to contact if you choose the “selfguided” option.


On the first day, you walk in a botanical jewel of Canary Islands: Garajonay National Park! The path goes through the wettest part of the island. You discover the water reservoir of Los Tiles with a nice small river backward. You can admire the beautiful waterfall of El Cedro (300m high). In this area, wild endemic pigeons are living (dark-tailed and white-tailed laurel pigeons). Then you enter in the amazing laurisilva forest. Going down, you enjoy great views of Hermigua Valley with its banana plantations.



N2 : Walking time : 5h -Gradiant : +600m, -600m

N3 : Walking time : 6h30 - Gradiant : +1 110m, -1 100m

Night : Hermigua


Day 2 : Hermigua Valley- Roque Cano Natural Monument – Vallehermoso

On this second day in La Gomera, you go through the north of the island. If you choose N3 level (hard), you reach the Mirador of Abrante above the tiny village of Agulo. One of the best view of the island! Then you go to the visitors centre of Garajonay National Park which is a nice and interesting place (start for N2 level, moderate). On the way, you go through a giant heathers forest and then get to Roque Cano. This huge rock, symbol of Vallehermoso Valley, overlooks the calm town that was before the main economic place of La Gomera.


N2 : Walking time : 3 h30 / Gradiant : +200m, -700m

N3 : Walking time : 7h / Gradiant : + 1 000m, -1 000m

Night : Vallehermoso


Day 3 : Vallehermoso – Garajonay National Park – Chipude

The third day offers on a few kilometers a wide range of landscapes. During the way up (N3) to the National Park, you walk between many types of vegetation. Once on the top, you discover the ridge laurisilva forest, like in a tale. The tortuous trees are covered with moss floating according to the trade winds. Fog often creates there a fantasmagorical atmosphere…Absolutely magic! Then you go down to the other side. You go through several countryside hamlets. You also enjoy spectaculars views to the deep Valle Gran Rey Rural Park with its traditional terrace cultivation.


N2 : Walking time :3 h30 / Gradiant : +300m, -500m

N3 : Walking time : 7h / Gradiant : + 1 400m, -500m

Night : Chipude


Day 4 : Chipude- Alto de Garajonay (island summit) -  Imada/Alajeró

The fourth day route allows you to discover some cultural, geological and botanical treasures of La Gomera. Indeed, you start your walk in the tiny village of Chipude where you can see traditional rural architecture. You get impressed by the Fortaleza, huge geological monument overlooking the first part of your journey. If you wish (N3) you can go up to the island summit (Alto de Garajonay : 1487m) which offers a 360º view to the neighbouring islands. Then you go down to the villages of Imada and Alajero.


N2 : Walking time : 5h /Gradiant : +500m, -800m

N3 : Walking time : 7h / Gradiant : + 700m, -900m

Night : Alajeró, Imada (45min walking time less), or Playa Santiago


Day 5 : Alajeró – Imada - Guarimiar - Playa Santiago

During day 5, you go through lovely villages: Alajeró located at the bottom of a holy mountain (Tagaragunche) then Imada nested between two mountains. After you go down through the most beautiful canyon of the island : Guarimiar. It narrows down along the path and at the bottow you discover a true oasis with palm trees, orange trees, mango trees and nice small stone houses. If you choose high level (N3) you go up on an amazing path sculpted into the cliff. Then you go down to Playa Santiago.


N2 : Walking time : 5h /Gradiant : +250m, -1100m

N3 : Walking time : 6h / Gradiant : + 550m, -1400m

Night : Playa Santiago



Day 6 : Ayamosna –“El Cabrito” Canyon - San Sebastián

On the last day, you walk through dry land. You go near an old hamlet and near El Sombrero rock easy to find due to its shape. Then you go on a ridge that slowly goes down. Due to the beautiful scenery, all “El Cabrito” canyon is protected and classified as “Natural Monument”. A place for a western movie to be made! For your picnic and a swim into the ocean (if sea to be calm) , a nice isolated stony beach called “La Guancha” is your next stop on your way. Last part of your route offers you great views to Tenerife with majestuous El Teide Volcano looking to you. San Sebastian is the end of your walk.


If you wish not to go down inside the canyon or shorter itinerary you can choose to go and go back from San Sebastian to “La Guancha” beach. You enjoy great views of the coast with Tenerife Island in background.


N2 : Walking time : 3h /Gradiant : +300m, -300m

N3 : Walking time : 5h /Gradiant : +400m, -1 100m





Official Guide

Our advantages:

   1. Itinerant hiking tour

   2. Guided/selfguided:

    - All time with an official guide

    - First day with an official guide and self-          guided the next days

   3. Local person to contact in case you need during your stay

   4. Flexible route: each day you can choose between a moderate (N2) or a hard (N3) level for your walk

   5.  Luggage transfer included for all walking days


2 possible levels for your daily route :

N2 = Moderate : between 3 and 5 hours, gradiant+ : 600m max

N3 = High between 4 and 8 hours, gradiant+ : >600m



Selfguided option


Number of people.....  Price per person

2 people ....................................  210 €/p

3 people ....................................  160 €/p

4 people ....................................  125 €/p

5 people ....................................  105 €/p

6 people ....................................  90   €/p



- First day with a local english speaking official guide

- Luggage transfer from Hermigua (day 1) to San Sebastian (day 6)

- Transportation required for your tour

- Local guide phone contact during all your hiking tour

- Detailed maps and roadbook for selfguided part


 Not included:

- hotels

- food

 For hotels, you will be given a list with hotels where to spend a night so that you can book by yourself. If you want your hotels to be booked by a travel agency we can give you a contact.


Guided option


Number of people.....  Price per person

2 people ....................................  460 €/p

3 people ....................................  330 €/p

4 people ....................................  250 €/p

5 people ....................................  225 €/p

6 people ....................................  195 €/p



- 6 days with a local english speaking guide

- Luggage transfer from Hermigua (day 1) to San Sebastian (day 6)

- Transportation required for your tour


Not included

- hotels

- Food

For hotels, you will be given a list with hotels where to spend a night so that you can book by yourself. If you want your hotels to be booked by a travel agency we can give you a contact.


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