Day 1

Day 1


Day 1

Day 1

Garajonay national park

Day 2

Day 2


Day 2

Day 2

Roque Cano

Day 3

Day 3


Day 3

Day 3

Valle gran Rey

Day 4

Day 4

Summit of La Gomera

Day 4

Day 4


Day 5

Day 5

Guarimiar Canyon

Day 5

Day 5

Guarimiar Canyon

Day 6

Day 6

Canyon “El Cabrito”

Day 6

Day 6

Playa de La Guancha

6 days trailing in La Gomera

The program

Day 1: Hermigua Valley & Garajonay National Park

Briefing with a local guide who will be your contact throughout the week. He/she will remain your contact for the rest of the week.

For this first hike, you will have the chance to discover a little corner of emerald in the Garajonay National Park. This walk/run will take you to the Presa de los Tiles, a small water reserve with a charming stream upstream in the countryside. You can admire a magnificent waterfall where pigeons, endemic to the Canaries nest. This route will lead you through the laurel forest with splendid views of the Gomeros landscapes, especially Hermigua and its banana plantations.


Level: 16 km / Gradient: +1 110m, -1 100m

Night: Hermigua


Day 2: Hermigua-La Caleta - Agulo - Roque Cano - Vallehermoso

On your second day of running in La Gomera, you will cross the north of the island. You discover the coastline between Hermigua and Agulo. Then you will begin the climb up the cliff to reach the Abrante viewpoint overlooking the village of Agulo. One of the most beautiful panoramas of the island. You will have the chance to discover the Visitor Center of Garajonay National Park where explanations of the island follow one another in a fun way. Continuing your route, you will arrive in the heather forest then you will reach Roque Cano, this giant which guards and watches over the peaceful village of Vallehermoso ...


Level: 25 km / Gradient: + 1,900m, -1990m

Night: Vallehermoso


Day 3: Vallehermoso - Epina - Alojerá - Valle Gran Rey

Botanical enthusiasts will be impressed by the variety of this 3rd day. The climb to Epina allows you to cross all levels of vegetation. When you reach the highest part you will discover the Laurysilve crest forest.... Then you will descend on the western slope to the village of Alojerá known for the exploitation of palm honey. You will go up towards Arure, a mountain village from where you will enjoy views of the spectacular Valle Gran Rey rural park characterized by its terraced crops and the village of Taguluche. The stage ends with the crossing of a large plateau (the La Mérica plateau) and the final descent to the district of La Calera in Valle Gran Rey.


Level: 23 km / Gradient: + 1,500m, -1650m

Night: Valle Gran Rey


Day 4: Valle Gran Rey- Chipude- top of the island - Imada

This itinerary, developed for your fourth day of trail running, allows you to discover some of the cultural, geological and botanical gems of La Gomera. Indeed, your hike begins in the rural park of Valle Gran Rey towards the village of Chipude where you can observe the traditional local architecture. La Fortaleza, an imposing geomorphological formation, will watch over the first half of your stage. A detour to the Alto de Garajonay, the island's summit culminating at 1487m, offers spectacular views of the island and the neighboring islands. You will then descend to the village of Imada.


Level: 26 km / Gradient: + 1,650m, -800m

Night: Imada


Day 5: Imada - Los Roques - Benchijigua- Imada - Guarimiar - Playa Santiago

Grandiose stage in the south of La Gomera. Departing from the charming hamlet of Imada nestled between the mountains, you will head to another emblematic area of ​​the national park: the natural monument of Los Roques: ancient volcanic chimneys dominating the ridges. You then descend to the adorable abandoned village of Benchijigua in the heart of a wide valley. You will return to Imada, then you start the descent into the superb Guarimiar canyon which narrows along the path. At the bottom of the canyon you will discover a real little oasis with its palm trees, mango trees, avocado trees and pretty little stone houses. You will go up by a superb path built into the cliff before descending by another side to Playa Santiago.


Level: 27 km / Gradient: + 1,600m, -2400m

Night: Playa Santiago



Day 6: Playa Santiago - San Sebastián

During your last hike on La Gomera, you will be in an arid environment. You will discover the pretty beaches of Tapahuga, and El Medio. Before going back to ancient villages where cereals were grown. Then, you will gradually descend into the El Cabrito Canyon worthy of the greatest westerns! The Playa de la Guancha, an isolated place  will welcome you for a swim (unsupervised) if you feel like it. You will be captivated by the majesty of Mount Teide rising in front of you and watching over San Sebastián de La Gomera, your destination.


21 km / Gradient: + 1150m, -1150m

Hotel: San Sebastián or Tenerife





The advantages of our trail
1. Itinerant running without car

2. A contact with a guide throughout your stay

3. Luggage transfer included for each day of walking



Self-guided option


Number of people ..... Price per person

2 people .................................... 210 € / p

3 people .................................... 160 € / p

4 people .................................... 125 € / p

5 people .................................... 105 € / p

6 people .................................... 90 € / p



- Luggage transfer every day from stage 1 in Hermigua to stage 6 in San Sebastián

- Transport necessary for the program from the 1st day in Hermigua to the last day in San sebastián

- Phone contact throughout the program with your guide

- Detailed maps and roadbook for the self-guided itinerary


Not included:

- hotels

- meals

For hotels, we will send you the list of accommodation by stopover village to be able to book yourself. If you prefer someone do it for you, we can also direct you to a travel agency with whom we are used to working.

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