La Gomera, Playa Santiago Beaches

Nice beaches invite you to swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

There are beaches for all tastes: sandy or rocky, in town or in very quiet and isolated places. Some of island beaches can only be reached by foot. So you can combine hiking and swimming/snorkling in fascinating landscapes with nobody there...

But be careful, the beaches on the Northern coast have huge waves and can be dangerous. It's better to choose a wave protected beach in the south (Valle Gran Rey, Playa Santiago or San sebastián).

Playa Santiago Beach



Playa Santiago:

In the South of La Gomera

In Town Beach: Playa Santiago Beach

Wild Beaches: Tapahuga, Playa del Medio, Chinguarime and La Cantera. The last two can only be reached by foot.

Playa del Medio

La Cantera

Sea Temperatures

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